TN 8th English Assignment Answer key 2021 , TNSCERT kalvi tv Assignment

TN 8th English Assignment Answer key 2021 , TNSCERT kalvi tv Assignment 

Students can Download 8th  Assignment Answers and Question paper unit 1.Tamil medium and English Medium

TNSCERT 8th English Assignment PDF Download with answer Tamil Medium , English Medium 

TN 8th  English Assignment  Question paper ,answer key

8th std English Assignment Answer 2021- unit 1


Unit- 1 Part-A


  • Subject:English

I.One Mark Questions:

Fill in the blanks with right answers

1.  The diamond Jewel belonged to _______

  • Meenakshi Ammal's daughter

2.  Ramayya and his wife lived with the fear of ____________

  • getting caught.

3.  ______________was the servant maid of Meenakshi Ammal

  • kuppayi 

4.  The Diamond Jewel was lying in the ______________

  • muck - heap

5.  The Sparrows built their nest in the _____________

  • Ramayya's house.

Write the Synonyms for the following.

6.  Grub - food

7.  Ignorant - unaware

8.  Flutterr - to flap or wave quickly but irregularly

Write the Antonyms for the following 

9.  Secret x Public

10.Careless × Careful


II.Short Answer. 

11.Who were living in the town?

  • Ramayya and his wife were living in the town.

12.Where did the Sparrows build their nest?

  • The sparrows built their nests in the roof of Ramayya's house. 

13.Why did the bird drop diamond stud?

  • The wife bird shouted at the male bird to go in search of food. so it dropped the diamond Stud. 

14.Who was suspected of stealing the jewel?

  • The maid - servant kuppayi was suspected of stealing the jewel

15.What happened to Ramayya’s wife at the end?

  • Ramayya's wife developed a severe fever and was confined to her bed. 


III.Write in detail

16.How did Ramayyaa’s wife react when she saw the nose Jewel?

  • When Ramayya's wife was sweeping the floor She found the diamond nose stud. She picked it up with delight and wore it. Her husband told her that it was a mistake to keep the jewel. She did not bother about it. She knew that the jewel belonged to her neighbour's daughter. Yet she did not reveal about it to anyone. The maid - servant of the neighbour was suspected. The police searched her hut, but could not find it. Ramayya's wife put the stud away in her box. She soon developed a severe fever and was confined to her bed. 

17.Why did the Sparrow throw the nose jewel into Ramayya’s house?

  • One day, the male Sparrow found a diamond jewel in a heap. He picked it up and came to the nest. But the female bird shouted at him go in search of food for their young ones.So the bird dropped the diamond stud in to Ramayya' 

Part –D

IV. Activity

Complete the dialogue using the picture clues. 

Mr.Arun : What are you going to buy in

the super market?

Mrs.Arun : : I am going to buy some fruits and soaps in,the super market

 Mr.Arun : Where is my mobile phone?

Mrs.Arun : Look at there…. It is near the loptopb on the table

மேலே உள்ள டவுன்லோட் என்ற பட்டனை கிளிக் செய்து உங்களுக்கான வினாக்களை டவுன்லோட் செய்து கொள்ளலாம்.

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