8th Social Science Refresher course Unit 1 Answer key( English medium)

8th Social Science Refresher course Unit 1 Answer key( English medium)

Student Activity

1. Map marking: (individual activity)

™ Khajuraho,

™ Dilwara,

™ Tanjore Big Temple,

™ Vithala Temple,

™ Charminar,

™ Sengkottai

Individually writing on cards and giving students to mark the states where they are located in the map

2. Activity of sharing what is learnt: (individual activity)

™ Name the metals used for coins in medieval India.

™ Kings in medieval India (North Indian kingdoms, Delhi sultans, Mughals).

™ Languages used in coins.

™ Information from engraved images and coins.

™ The correlation between currencies and economic growth.


1. Find the Information about the coins.

a) Coin engraved with the image of God ______________.

Answer : C

b) Coin expressing war methods ______________.

Answer : D

c) Coin engraved with the image of the king ______________.

Answer : A

d) Coin highlighting the national emblem ______________.

Answer : E

e) Coin expressing kings achievements ______________.

Answer : B

2. Write the names of the books written by the writers, seeing the pictures given below:

i. Krishnadevarayar ______________

Answer : Amuktamalyada

ii. Kambar ______________

Answer :Kambaramayanam

iii.Sekkilar ______________

Answer :Periyapuranam

iv. Naayanmaargal ______________

Answer :Thiruvasagam

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2.இந்த வலைதளம் மாணவர்களுக்கானது என்பதால்,
3.தங்களின் மேலான கருத்துக்களை தவறாது பதிவிடவும்.
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