9th Science July Month Assignment Answer key English Medium

9th Science July Month Assignment Answer key English Medium

TN 9th Science July month unit 2 Assignment Question peper and Answer key pdf Download Available 

  • 9th Science Unit 2 Assignment Answer key - PDF  Download - July month- Tamil Medium
  • 9th Science Unit 2 Assignment Answer key - PDF  Download - July month - English Medium


Class : 9 Subject: Science 



  • Part - A

I.One Mark Questions.

1. If an object crosses equal distances in equal intervals of time, it is called as 

 A) Acceleration 

B) Uniform motion

 C) Displacement 

D) Non – Uniform motion

2. -------- is used to measure the total distance covered by the vehicle

A) Speedometer 

B) Anemometer

B) Odometer 


3. When an object is thrown vertically upwards, at the highest point, the body acceleration is equal to -----------

 A) Centripetal force 

B) Centrifugal force

C) Acceleration due to gravity 

D) Centripetal acceleration

3. A cyclist turns around a curve at 15 km/hr. If he turns at double the speed 

the tendency to overturn is ------------------

A) Doubled 

B) Quadruped

C) Halved 

D ) Unchanged

5. ---------- force is caused to deposit butter at the edge of vessels while curd churning

A) Magnetic force 

B)Centripetal force

C) Centrifugal force 

D) Frictional force


Short answer:

 1. Distinguish Distance and Displacement

 2. An object travels 16 m in 4 s and then another 16m in 2s. What is the average speed of the object?

 3. Differentiate speed and velocity

Part – C

III.Write in detail.

1. Explain different types of motion.

2. Derive the Equations of motion by graphical method.Assignment

Class : 9 Subject: Science 
Unit-11-Atomic Structure 
Part - A

I. One mark questions:

1. The energy of K shell near the nucleus is ----

a) Higher 

b) lower 

c) Equal 

d) Very high

2. What are Nucleons?

a) Proton + Neutron

 b) Proton + electron

c) Proton 

d) Neutron

3. Atomic number of an atom depends upon ________

a) Number of Protons 

b) Number of electrons

c) Number of Protons + Neutrons 

d) Both a and b

4. ------Is an example for Isotone 

a) Argon and Carbon 

b) Uranium and Carbon

c) Carbon and Boron 

d) Sulphur and Boron

5. Which quantum Number specify the symbol " l "

a) Spin quantum Number 

b) Principal Quantum Number

c) Azimuthal Quantum Number 

d) Magnetic quantum Number

Part – B

II. Short Answer. 

1. What is mean by valance?

2. Draw the geometric Representation of Aluminium atom?

3. State the law of combining volumes.

Part – C

III.Write in detail.

1. Explain - Bohr’s atomic model?

2. Explain the quantum Numbers?Assignment

Class : 9 Subject: Science 


Unit-11- Organization of tissues

Part - A

I. One Mark Questions:

1. Common example for complex tissues 

 a) Xylem, Phloem 

b) Parenchyma, Collenchyma 

 c) Collenchyma, Sclerenchyme 

d) Collenchyma, Chlorenchyma

2. _________ tissues is also common in fruits and seeds (hardness) 

 a) Sclereids 

b) Parenchyma 

 c) Collenchyma 

d) Aerenchyma

3. During corona lock down, a girl carries her father to the farthest hospital. In that time, which muscle functions more? 

a) Striated Muscle voluntary Muscle 

b) Striated Muscle, involuntary muscle 

 c) Non Striated Muscle, Voluntary muscle 

 d) Non Striated Muscle, involuntary muscle

4. In Physical education Period, suresh got wounded. Which tissue makes the 

wounds cure? 

 a) Adipose tissue 

b) Areolar tissue 

 c) Cartilage tissue 

d) Tendons

5. Due to Diarrhoea, dehydration occurs in our body. physician finds out the illness with pulse. Which tissue shows the dehydration in our body? 

 a) Epithelial Tissue 

b) Connective Tissue 

 c) Muscular Tissue 

d) Nervous Tissue

Part – B

II. Short Answer. 

1. Differentiate- xylem, phloem..?

2. Write characteristic features of meristematic tissue?

3. Draw a neuron and label the parts.

Part – C

III.Write in detail.

1. Write short notes on connective tissues i) blood and ii) lymph

2. List out the differences between mitosis and meiosis.


IV. Activity

Draw the longitudinal section of phloem tissue and label the parts.

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