9th English July Month Assignment Answer key, Question paper , Assignment 2

9th English July Month Assignment Answer key, Question paper , Assignment 2

TN 9th English July month unit 2 Assignment Question peper and Answer key pdf Download Available 

  • 9th English Unit 2 Assignment Answer key - PDF  Download - July month 

July 9th English Unit 2 Assignment Answer key, Question paper

TN 9th English July month unit 2 Assignment Question peper and Answer key pdf Download Available 

  • 9th English Unit 2 Assignment Answer key - PDF  Download - July month 

  1.  Assignment
  2. Class: 9 Subject: English
  3. UNIT-2
Part - A

I.One Mark Questions

Find out the appropriate synonyms for the underlined words:

1. She spent the afternoon pruning roses.

 a) skimming 

b) trimming

 c) flourishing 

d) scanning

2. The blood loss and lack of food made her dizzy.

a) rusty 

b) silky

 c) shaky 

d) milky

3. We were caught in the storm and got drenched to the skin.

 a) muttered 

b) soaked

 c) watery 

d) dry

Find out the appropriate antonyms for the underlined words:

4. I’m glad you came

 a) pleasure 

b) sad

 c) bright 

d) appreciated

5. They set up the camp on the verge of the desert.

a) bottom 

b) edge

 c) top 

d) center

6. Kameshwar received a medal in reward for his bravery.

 a) witty 

b) cowardice

 c) valuable

d) worthy

Choose the correct answer:

7. The house which was visited by the man.

 a) remain unchanged 

b) was totally changed

 c) was slightly repaired 

d) was given a facelift

8. The visitor came back to the house because he …………………….

 a) wanted to see the jackfruit tree

b) wanted to look again at his old house

 c) was looking for his lost youth

d) wanted to buy the house

9. The visitor gifted the ……………………to the little girl.

a) Iron cross

 b) marbles

c) bronze medal 

d) old coins

Write the full form of the following words:

10. I’ll

Answer : I will

11. can’t

Answer : cannot

12. wasn’t

Answer : was not

Choose the correct answer:

13. A mobile phone is…………………..radio

a) as trend as 

b) trendier than

c) the trendiest 

d) as trendier

14. No other girls in the class is…………………Rekha.

a) as tall as 

b) tallest

c) taller than 

d) tall than

15. India registered its ……………………..medal tally in Tokyo olympic 2020.

a) highest 

b) as high as

c) higher than 

d) higher

Read the following lines and answer the questions :

I was angry with my friend ;

I told my wrath, my wrath did end.

I was angry with my foe

I told it not, my wrath did grow.

16. Pick out the rhyming words

friend – end; foe – grow

17. What is the rhyme scheme of the stanza?

a a b b

18. Identity the figure of speech used in the tilte of the poem-‘A Poison Tree’


19. Find out the alliterated words in the following line.

 And I sunned it with smiles.

Choose the correct answer:

20. The poet was still angry with his...........................

a) friend 

b) brother

c) neighbour 

d) foe

21. The poet compares wrath with.... ………………..

a) tree 

b) sky

c) river 

d) mountain

22. The tree was watered in .................

a) tears 

b ) fears

c) happiness 

d) kindness

23. The teacher in Margie’s school was a.................

a) man 

b) Alien

c) woman 

d) machine

24. Margie was..........years old.

a) 11 

b) 13

c) 12 

d) 18

25. Tommy found the book in the…………………………………….

a) attic 

b) room

c) balcony

 d) veranda

26. Margie always............................ school.

a) loved 

b) imagined

c) hated

d) desired

27. The country inspector gave Margie a/ an .........…………………….

a) orange 

b) mango

c) chocolate 

d) apple

28. Margie had to write test after test in .......................................

a) Geography 

b) Mathematics

c) English 

d) Science

29. In olden days, the school was ...........................................

a) in a special building 

b) in an apartment

c) at home 

d) in open place

30. Who wrote about the old book in the diary…………………………..

a) Tommy 

b) Mrs. Jones

c) grandfather 


Answer the following:

31.What did the visitor hide in the jackfruit tree?

  • The girl climbed up the jack fruit tree and found the cross there. She gave it to the narrator. Thus he got it.

32. What was the local superstition about trees?

  • The local superstition was that the owner of the house will also be receiving the blessing if the shadow of the tree falls on the house.

33. What was the old house built with?

  • The old house was built with solid blocks of granite.

34.Why did the visitor return to his old house?

  • The visitor returned to his old house searching for his memories of old days by going back to the places of his youth and childhood.

Read the following lines from the poem and answer the

questions that follows in a sentence or two.

35. „I was angry with my friend

 I told my wrath, my wrath did end.”

a) Whom does ‘I’ refer to?

  • ‘I’ refers to the poet, William Blake.

 b)How did the anger of the poet come to an end?

  • The poet told the reason of his anger to his friend. The anger came to an end.

36.“In the morning glad I see

 My foe outstretched beneath the tree”

 a) How did the poet feel in the morning?

He felt glad in the morning.

b) Who is the foe referred to here?

  • The person on whom the poet is angry with.

37.“And it grew both day and night,

 Till it bore an apple bright.”

a) What does it refer to?

  • It refers to anger, that is personified to the ‘poison tree’

 b) What does apple signify?

  • Apple indicates anger.

38.“And I watered it in fears

 Night and morning with my tears;”

 a)How is it watered?

  • It is watered with fears and tears and tears of the poet.

 b)What does it refer to?

  • ‘It’ refers to anger.

Part – B

II. Short Answer.

39. Bring out any two differences between your school and Margie’s school?

Margie's school            -      Your school

Teacher is a machine   - teacher is a human being

School is at home         - Books are in printed form

40. Why was Margie surprised to see the old book?

  • Margie was surprised to see the old book because The words stood still, instead of moving

Part – C

III. Write in detail.

41. Narrate the story, ‘I Can’t Climb Trees Anymore’, in your own


  • Lesson : I can’t climb trees anymore
  • Author : Ruskin Bond
  • Character : Self, Boy, and mother
  • Theme: A possibility becomes an impossibility at times

Here is the story of my visit to my ancestral house. We had lived in that house for about twenty years. I went there to see it. It was very old but it looked majestically. I remembered the old saying. ‘Old is Gold’. I stood near the well painted old gate, staring at the house. He invited me to his house. His mother was there. His father had gone on an official tour.

My eyes searched for the house. I told his mother about the precious thing that we left when we sold this house. I took them into a room inside the house. I climbed on a ladder and looked for it in the upper shelf. It was never opened since we left. In the midst of certain old things, I saw it. I was extremely happy. They were surprised to see it. It wasn’t rusty.

It was an air gun my grandfather had been using. He had given it to me. I brought it down carefully. They were surprised to see my precious treasure. They allowed me to take it home. I left the place saying goodbye to the boy and the mother. I walked down the road with my treasure having my eyes filled with tears of joy.

42. Describe how his anger kept growing.

  • The poet confessed that when he was angry with his enemy, he did not reveal his anger to his enemy. He feared that if he expressed his anger to him, his enemy would do harm to him. So he suppressed his anger. Day and night he shed tears thinking about the ill or the injustice that had been caused by his enemy to him. Thus, he watered the tree of anger with his tears, allowing the anger to grow. He also aroused his anger with his false smiles and cunning tricks towards his enemy. Since the poet kept his anger within himself and had his own fear and tears, his anger kept growing every day.

43. Describe Margie's mechanical teacher and her classroom in your own words.

  • Tommy found the book on 17 May 2157. It was a very old book. The pages, were yellow and crinkly, and it was awfully funny to read the words that stood still instead of moving the way they were supposed to, on a screen. The mechanical teacher had been giving her test after test in geography and she had been doing worse and worse until her mother had shaken her head sorrowfully and sent for the county inspector.

Part – D


1.Write a letter to your friend telling about how your house was burgled when your family was away on a holiday

36, Gandhi Road

Chennai – 45

04 August 2018

Dear Ramesh,

How are you? I feel sad to inform you that my house was burgled last week when I was on a holiday. Burglars might have known from the accumulated newspaper pile that I had gone away. When I came back last Sunday, I found the back-door lock broken. I could have forgotten to bolt the back-door from inside and they should have entered through it. My room was ransacked. They took my laptop and other valuables. I must have deposited the jewellery in a bank locker to avoid this loss. I should have informed my neighbours about my week-long trip. Well, I have registered an FIR with the police. They are investigating the case. They have assured that I would get my jewels back. The burglars will be caught very soon. Convey my regards to all at home.

Yours lovingly,


Address on the envelope :

Mr. Ramesh,

50, Bharathiyar Street,


9th std English assignment Answer key,9th English unit 2 Assignment Answer key , 9th
9th std English assignment Answer key,9th English unit 2 Assignment Answer key , 9th

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