TN 7th English Assignment Answer key 2021 , TNSCERT kalvi tv Assignment

TN 7th English Assignment Answer key 2021 , TNSCERT kalvi tv Assignment 

Students can Download 7th English  Assignment Answers and Question paper unit 1.Tamil medium and English Medium

TNSCERT 7th English Assignment PDF Download with answer Tamil Medium , English Medium 

TN 7th English Assignment  Question paper ,answer key

 Assignment Answer Key

  • Class:7 Subject: ENGLISH
  • Unit - 1: Part-A

1.One Mark Questions

1. Hamid was ------------ years old boy

(a) Three

(b) Five

c ) Four

Answer - c ) Four

2.Hamid had ---------Paisas

a ) Three

(b) Ten

(c) Twelve

Answer - a ) Three

3.Hamid lived with his-------

(a) Grandpa

b ) Grandma

(c) Aunt

Answer - b ) Grandma

4.Hamid's Granny name-------

(a) Banu

(b) Sheela

c )Ameena

Answer - c ) Ameena

5.Finally Hamid bought pair of --------

(a) tongs

(b) shoes

(c) binoculars

Answer - a ) tongs

6. The --------- Swallowed Grandma

(a) Laptop

(b) Computer

(c) Tablet

Answer - b ) computer

7.-------------- disappeared from view

(a) Grandma

(b) Grandpa

(c) Friend

Answer - a ) Grandma

8. The adventures of Tamsawyer was written by -------

a ) mark tusain

b ) charles

(c) Thomas

Answer - a ) mark tusain

9.----------- hated to go school on Monday morning

a ) Tomsawyer

(b) Hucklebery

(c) Aunt policy

Answer - a ) Tomsawyer

10.-------- people were absent yesterday

(a) any

(b) some

(c) Few

Answer - b ) some


II. Short Answer.

1 ) Who was Hamid ?

  • Hamid was only four year , thin and poorly dressed boy.Who lived with his grandma

2.Who were Hamid's friends?

  • Hamid's friends were Mahmood, Mohsin, Noorey and Sammi.

3 ) What did he buy in the fair?

  • Hamid bought a pair of tongs in the fair.

4.What happened to Grandma?

  • The computer swallowed Grandma.

5.Why did Tom create toothache for him

  • Tom created toothache because he was not willing to go to school on Monday morning.


III.Write in detail.

1.Hamid - His Granny how did he express his love towards her?

  • Hamid bargained and bought a pair of tongs from the hardware shop for his grandma . Who
  • often burnt her hands while cooking chapatis .This shows his love towards his Grandma.

2.What did you learn from poets feeling for her Grandma? (or) Summaries the poem?

  • The children's poem " The Computer Swallowed Grandma " was written by an Anonymous.
  • The poet was chatting with her grandma. Suddenly by mistake , when grandma presses 'Control'
  • and 'Enter ' her images vanishes from the screen.The upset poet thinks that a virus must have
  • attacked her computer and searches for her in the recycle bin , all files and on the internet .But she couldn't find grandma.


IV. Activity

Look at the picture and fill in the blanks with suitable quantifiers.

1 ) There is little ( a little / little ) water in the glass.

2 ) There are a few ( few / a few ) books in the self

மேலே உள்ள டவுன்லோட் என்ற பட்டனை கிளிக் செய்து உங்களுக்கான வினாக்களை டவுன்லோட் செய்து கொள்ளலாம்.

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