11th English Assignment Answer key 2021 - Supplementary Unit 1

11th English Assignment Answer key 2021 - Supplementary Unit 1

Unit 1 – Supplementary – After Twenty Years

I. One Mark Questions

1.Bob was ………… years old.

a) 20 b) 18 c) 19 d) 21

Answer: b) 18

2.Who stayed in New York?

a) Jimmy b) Bob c) O. Henry d) Policeman

Answer: a) Jimmy

3.Bob went to the…………………….

a) East b) West c) North d) South

Answer: b) West

4.Jimmy and Bob grew up together in …………………….

a) New York b) London c) America d) India

Answer: a) New York

5.The two friends departed before ……………………. years

a) 10 b) 5 c) 15 d) 20

Answer: d) 20

6.The waiting man pulled out his handsome …………………….

a) watch b) mobile phone c) pen d) purse

Answer: a) watch

7.The Scarf pin of Bob was a …………………….

a) gold b) diamond c) silver d) plastic

Answer: b) diamond

8.Bob was a ……………………. in Chicago

a) criminal b) doctor c) policeman d) lawyer

Answer: a) criminal

9.The place where they met before 20 years was a …………………….

a) park b) theatre c) restaurant d) shop

Answer: c) restaurant

10.How far Bob has come to meet his friend Jimmy?

a) 500 miles b) 1000 miles c) 2000 miles d) 100 miles

Answer: b) 1000 miles


II. Very Short Answer

1.Describe the appearance of the policeman on the beat.
  • The policeman on the beat moved in the street impressively. He was twisting his club with some complicated movement. He was a physically strong man.
2.What did the policeman keep doing on his rounds?
  • He was looking at the doors of the shops and turning now and then to watch the traffic carefully
3.Why were the streets devoid of people?
  • The streets were devoid of people because of the chilly gusts of wind with imminent rain.
4.Who was the tall man in the story “After Twenty Years”?
  • The tall man was a policeman in plainclothes who was sent by Wells, the patrolman.
5.What is the most significant happening in the story to be analyzed?
  • The most significant happening is the note of Jimmy in which he admitted that he had recognized Bob’s face from a Chicago police bulletin but did not have the heart to arrest him


III. Short Answer

1.Describe the scene at the beginning of the story.
  • After Twenty Years’ is a story that opens with a policeman on night patrol. It’s nearly 10.00’ at night. It is quiet as he walks his beat, checking locks for safety. Suddenly, a figure standing in a doorway catches his attention, and he approaches him. The person speaks up and reassures the officer that he is not looking to cause any trouble.
2.What is the climax of the story “After Twenty Years”?
  • Before taking Bob into custody, however, the officer hands him a note from Patrolman Wells whom he has unwittingly met earlier. One who came before was actually his friend Bob who is a policeman. He realized that Bob is the silky Bob who is a wanted criminal in the north. Jimmy admits he recognized Bob’s face from a Chicago police bulletin but did not have the heart to arrest him.
3.How did the cop come to understand that Bob had been successful in the
  • Bob had an expensive large diamond scarf pin that an ordinary man could not wear. When Bob took out his watch to see the time the cop noticed that it was a handsome watch with the attachment of small diamonds. Thus he came to understand that Bob had been successful in the West.
4.Why didn‟t Jimmy Wells, being a cop himself, arrests Bob?
  • Jimmy Wells gave a letter to Bob through the plainclothes man. He wrote that when he saw Bob’s face he understood he was the wanted criminal in Chicago. But he himself could not arrest him because he was once his best friend.
5.Who do you think has been more successful between the two? Give reasons.
  • Jimmy Wells has been more successful than Bob. He is now a respectable policeman though his earning may not be as big as what Bob has. Bob has become a criminal and has earned huge money. But he could not lead a peaceful life.


IV. Write in detail.

1.What would you do in this situation, if you were Jimmy Wells? Substantiate your reason.
  • If I were Jimmy Wells I must have done the same as Wells has done. Bob had become a hard-core criminal. If he had just started slipping from the right attitude there might have been some possibilities to help him pull out of his criminal activities. But in the given situation it is very difficult to change him. Moreover, as a responsible patrolman, I may not have any other choice. If I avoided arresting him, he would as usual indulge in unlawful activities to hoard wealth. It is likely that he might attempt homicide to rob the hapless people. Moreover, evading duty would prick my conscience as an honest policeman. In my opinion, nobody is above law. Since duty consciousness takes precedence over friendship, I have Hobson’s choice in this case.
2.Sketch the character of Jimmy Wells.
  • Jimmy would not go out of New York. He could not earn as much as Bob. Jimmy was slow in his dealings but a good fellow. He would surely keep his promise of meeting him at the particular place though he had taken the promise twenty years ago. He realized Bob but he understood that he was the criminal wanted in Chicago. But he did not want to arrest his friend so he sent another policeman in plain clothes to arrest him. It shows that he honored his friendship but at the same time he wanted to do his duty as an honest policeman

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