9th Social science unit 2 Assignment answer key - Civics July 2021

9th Social science unit 2 Assignment answer key - Civics July 2021


Class: 9 Subject: Social Science


Unit 2- Election, Political Parties And Pressure Groups

Part – A

I.One Mark Questions

1.NOTA was first introduced in ………….

a) 2012

b) 2013

c) 2014

d) 2015

Answer: c) 2014

2.Age limit to cast vote……………..

a) 12

b) 18

c) 25

d) 16

Answer: b) 18

3.Which Article of the Constitution provides for an Election Commission?

a) Article 280

b) Article 315

c) Article 324

d) Article 325

Answer: c) Article 324

4.The Election Commission of India is a/an……..

a) Independent body

b) Statutory body

c) Private body

d) Public Corporation

Answer: a) Independent body

5.A country that follows single party system ….

a) India

b) France

c) Cuba

d) America

Answer: c) Cuba

Fill in the blanks

1.In India Political parties are classified into ………….. and ………….. .

  • Answer: National and state parties

2.The Parliament of India has ………….. houses

  • Answer: Two

3.National Voters Day has been celebrated on …………..

  • Answer: 25th January

4.The Election Commission of India is a body of ………….. members.

  • Answer: Multi party system

5.The Leader of the Opposition party is equally qualified for …………..

  • Answer: Cabient minister

Part – B

II. Short Answer:

1.Give the meaning of the Political Party.

  • Political parties are an essential part of democracy. Parties are the link between the government and the people

2.What are National Parties?

  • A party which is recognized as a state party in at least four states is recognised as a national party

3.What is a Pressure group?

  • A pressure group is a group of people who are organised actively for promoting and defending their common interest

4.Mention the types of Party system and give example.

Single Party System

  • China Cuba

Two Party System

  • USA,UK

Multi Party System

  • India ,Srilank

5.List any FIVE pressure groups.

  • Business Groups
  • Trade unions
  • Agrarian groups
  • Professional associations
  • Students organisations

Part – C

III.Write in detail

1.Discus the merits and demerits of Direct Elections.


  • As the voters elect their representatives directly, direct elections are considered to be a more democratic method of election.
  • It educates people regarding the government activities and helps in choosing the appropriate candidates. Also, it encourages people to play an active role in politics.
  • It empowers people and makes the rulers accountable for their actions.


  • Direct elections are very expensive.
  • Illiterate voters sometimes get misguided by false propaganda and sometimes campaigning based on caste, religious and various other sectarian consideration spose serious challenges.
  • Since conducting direct elections is a massive exercise, ensuring free and fair elections at every polling station is a major challenge to the Election Commission.
  • There are instances of some political candidates influencing the voters through payments in the form of cash, goods or services.
  • Election campaigns sometimes results in violence, tension, law and order problems and
  • affects the day-to-day life of people.

2.Discus the merits and demerits of Democracy


  • Safeguards the interests of the people.
  • Based on the principle of equality.
  • Stability and responsibility in administration
  • Political education to the people.
  • Little chance of revolution.
  • Stable government.
  • Helps in making people good citizens.
  • Based on public opinion.
  • Dictatorship of majority.
  • Bad influence of political parties.


  • More emphasis on quantity than on quality
  • Rule of the incompetent.
  • Based on unnatural equality. 
  • Voters do not take interest in election.
  • Lowers the moral standard.
  • Democracy is a government of the rich.
  • Misuse of public funds and time.
  • No stable government.

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