9th Social science unit 2 Assignment answer key - Economics July 2021

9th Social science unit 2 Assignment answer key - Economics July 2021


Class: 9 Subject: Social Science


Unit 2- Employment in India and Tamilnadu Groups

Part – A

I.One Mark Questions:

1.Primary sector is also called ………………

a) Agriculture sector

b) Industrial Sector

c) service sector

d) Revenue sector

Answer: a) Agriculture sector

2.We take age group of ………………. years for computation of the workforce.

a) 12 – 60

b) 15 – 60

c) 21 – 65

d) 5 – 14

Answer: b) 15 – 60

3.Cottage Industries are belongs to …………. sector.

a) Organized sector

b) Private sector

c) Unorganised sector

d) Public sector

Answer: c) Unorganised sector

4.Tertiary sector includes………….

a) Transport

b) Insurance

c) Banking

d) All of these

Answer: d) All of these

5.Which sector is not included in the occupational pattern.

a) Primary sector

b) Secondary sector

c) Tertiary sector

d) Private sector

Answer: a) Primary sector

Match the following

  1. Public Sector – Payers
  2. Private sector – Banking
  3. Primary sector – service motive
  4. Employers – Poultry
  5. Service sector – profit motive

  1. Public Sector – service motive
  2. Private sector – profit motive
  3. Primary sector – Poultry
  4. Employers – Payers
  5. Service sector – Banking

Part – B

II. Short Answer:

1.What is labour force of the economy?

  • Labour force of the economy is the number of people in the country who work and also capable of working

2.Differentiate Public sector and Private sector

Public Sector

  • Service Motive
  • The government owns the assets
  • Wages are paid by the government

Private Sector

  • Profit Motive
  • Private individuals own the assets
  • Wages are paid by the owner of private enterprices

3.Write about the importance of labour group.

  • The main purpose of labour unions to give workers the power to negotiate for more favorable working conditions and other benefits through collective bargaining

4.What are the three sectors of an economy?

  • The economy is classified into three sectors. Primary (or) Agriculture sector, Secondary (or) Industrial sector and Tertiary (or) Service sector.

5.What are the problems faced by employees working in organized fields?

  • Interpersonal Conflict
  • Communication
  • Discrimination
  • Job satisfactory
  • Performance level issues

Part – C

III.Write in detail.

a) Primary sector    b) Secondary sector      c) Tertiary sector

The structure of employment denotes the number of workers engaged in different sectors of the economy

Primary Sector

  • Agriculture,forestry,animal husbandry,poultry,dairy farming,fishing etc

Secondary section

  • Manufacturing, small and large scale industries,and constructional activities

Tertiary sector

  • Transport insurance banking,trade communication, real estate, and nongovernment service
  • In developing countries like India that a large workforce will be engaged in the primary sector while a small portion in secondary and tertiary sectors

2.Compare prevailing employment in organized and unorganized sectors

Organised Sector

  • It is incorporated with the appropriate authority or government and follows its rules and regulations
  • The employment terms are fixed and employees have assured work in organised sector
  • Regular monthly salary
  • Job security is there and working hours fixed
  • Paid holidays and provided medical allowance and insurance also

Unorganised Sector

  • It is incorporated with the appropriate authority or government and follows its rules and regulations
  • The employment terms are not fixed and have no assured work
  • Daily wages.
  • No job security and working hours not fixed
  • They do not enjoy any special benefit or job security

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