Unit 2 10th Social Science July Assignment Answer key English Medium

Unit 2 10th Social Science  July Assignment Answer key English Medium TN 10th Science July month unit 2 Assignment Question peper and Answer...

Unit 2 10th Social Science  July Assignment Answer key English Medium

TN 10th Science July month unit 2 Assignment Question peper and Answer key pdf Download Available 

10th Social science unit 2 July Month Assignments Answer key

  • 10th Social Science Unit 2 Assignment Answer key - PDF  Download - July month- Tamil Medium
  • 10th Social Science Unit 2 Assignment Answer key - PDF  Download - July month - English Medium


Class: 10 Subject: Social Science


Unit: 2 The World between two world wars

  • Part - A

I.One Mark Questions.

1. When did the first huge stock market crash occurred in America?

a) CE 1919 b) CE 1929 c) CE 1939 d) CE 1949

2. When the fascist party was formed in Italy?

a) CE 1919 b) CE 1929 c) CE 1939 d) CE 1949

3.What is the name of autobiographical book written by Adolf Hitler?

a) Peace and war 

b) White Terror

c) Mein Kamf 

d) Revolutionary youth movement

4.Choose the correct statement:

 (i) The first huge market crash in the USA occurred on 24 October 1924.

(ii) The ban on Africa national congress was lifted in 1966.

(iii)Nelson Mandela was prisoned 27 years for his protest against Apartheid in south Africa.

a) i) and ii) are correct b) ii) and iii) are correct

c) i), ii) and iii) are correct c) i) and iii) are correct

5. Which Part of the world disliked dollar imperialism?

a) Europe b) Latin America

 c) India d) China

Part – B

II. Very Short Answer.

6. Write a short note about “Boers”

7. Write about the Monroe Doctrine

8. What do you know of the white Terror in Indo-China?

Part – C

III. Short Answer.

9. Explain about the Apartheid in south Africa.

10. Write a Essay about “Ho Chi Minh”

11. Describe the rise and growth of nationalist politics in South Africa.

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Part – D

IV.Write in detail.

12. Trace the circumstances that led to the rise of Hitler in Germany.

Class: 10 Subject: Social Science


Unit: 2 Climate and natural vegetation of India

Part - A

I.One Mark Questions.

1.Temperature decreases at the rate of ______ for every 1000 meters of ascent.

(a) 7.5° C (b) 6.5° C (c) 5.5° C (d) 9.5° C

2.____ helps in quick ripening of mangoes along the coast of Kerala and Karnataka.

(a) Loo (b) Norwester (c) Mango showers (d) Jet stream

3.The monsoon forests are otherwise called as __________.

(a) Tropical evergreen forest (b) Deciduous forest

(c) Mangrove forest (d) Mountain forest

4.Sesahachalam hills, a Biosphere reserve is situated in __________.

(a) Tamil Nadu (b) Andhra Pradesh

(c) Madhya Pradesh (d) Karnataka

5. __________ is a line joining the places of equal rainfall.

(a) Isohyets (b) Isobar (c) Isotherm (d) Latitudes

Part – B

II. Very Short Answer.

1. Distinguish between the Weather and Climate.

2. Distinguish between the North East Monsoon and South West Monsoon.

3.Give reasons Mountains are cooler than the plains.

Part – C

III. Short Answer.

1. Write a short note on Monsoon?

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2. Write a note on The Indian Board for Wildlife?

3. Name the four distinct seasons of India?

Part – D

IV.Write in detail.

1. Write about South West Monsoon?

2. Describe the forests of India?

3. List the factors affecting climate of India? Explain?


Class: 10 Social science (Civics)

Unit: 2 Central Government

Part – A

I.One Mark Questions:

1.Who among the following decides whether a Bill is a Money Bill or not?

a) The President b) Attorney General

c) Parliamentary Affairs Minister d) Speaker of Lok Sabha

2. The Constitutional Head of the Union is ________.

a) The President b) The Chief Justice

c) The Prime Minister d) Council of Ministers

3. What is minimum age laid down for a candidate to seek election to the Lok Sabha?

 (a) 18 Years (b) 21 Years

 (c) 25 Years (d) 30 Years

4. The Council of Ministers is collectively responsible to the


a) The President b) Lok Sabha

c) The Prime Minister d) Rajya Sabha

5. Under which Article the President is vested with the power to proclaim

Financial Emergency ________.

a) Article 352 b) Article 360

c) Article 356 d) Article 365

Part – B

II. Very Short Answer.

1. How is President of India elected?

2. What are the different categories of Ministers at the Union level?

3.What is the qualification of Judges of the Supreme Court?

Part – C

III. Short Answer.

1. Describe the Executive and Judicial powers of the President of India.

2. Explain any three Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of India?

3. What are the Duties and functions of Prime Minister of India?

Part – D

IV.Write in detail.

1. List out the functions of the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha.


Class: 10 Social science


Unit-2 Globalization and Trade

Part – A

I.One Mark Questions:

1. Who is the head of the World Trade Organization (WTO)?

a) Ministerial conference b) Director General

c) Deputy Director General d) None of these

2. Colonial advent in India.

a) Portuguese, Dutch, English, Danish, French

b) Dutch, English, Danish, French

 c) Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, French, English

d) Danish, Portuguese, French, English, Dutch

3. GATT’s first round held in

a) Tokyo b) Uruguay c) Torquay d) Geneva

4. India signed the Dunke Draft in

a) 1984 b) 1976 c) 1950 d) 1994

5. who granted the English “Golden Fireman” in 1632

a) Jahangir b) Sultan of Golconda

c) Akbar d) Aurangzeb

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Part – B

II. Very Short Answer.

1.What is globalization?

2.Write the types of globalization

3.Write short note on Multinational corporation.

Part – C

III. Short Answer.

1. Briefly explain the advantages and disadvantages of Multinational corporation. (MNC).

2. Write about the World Trade Organization.

3. Write the challenges of Globalization.

Part – D

IV.Write in detail.

1.Consolidate the reason for the growth of Multinational corporation (MNC)in India?

 10th std Social Science assignment Answer key,10th Social Science unit 2 Assignment Answer key , 10th



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PADAVELAI-TNTET Arts: Unit 2 10th Social Science July Assignment Answer key English Medium
Unit 2 10th Social Science July Assignment Answer key English Medium
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