10th standard New reduced Syllabus PDF Download - Tamilnadu State Board

 10th standard New reduced Syllabus PDF Download

The school education department has advised teachers to prioritize only the important subjects as the curriculum for students has been reduced.

10th standard New reduced Syllabus PDF Download

Schools in Tamil Nadu will be reopened on Tuesday (Jan. 19) for Class X, Plus 2 students.  Meanwhile, the school education department said the curriculum has been reduced by 50 per cent for classes 1 to 9 and 45 per cent for classes 10, plus 1 and plus 2 due to the late start of the current academic year.
 The work was carried out by the State Center for Educational Research and Training (SCEOT).  In this case, the curriculum details have been reduced to 10th class, plus 2 classes only.  It contains areas that have been removed from the course.
 In this regard, SCEOT Director N. Latha said in a circular sent to all District Primary Education Officers: Curriculum infection and reduced curriculum details in view of the academic year delay have been sent to all Primary Education Officers by course.
Accordingly, teachers should prioritize and conduct only the most important subjects currently offered.  After that you can conduct the rest of the lessons if you have time.

10th Reduced Syllabus PDF Download

Tamil Medium

  1. Tamil
  2. English 
  3. maths 
  4. science 
  5. social science

English Medium

  1. Tamil
  2. English 
  3. maths 
  4. science 
  5. social science
In addition, students preparing for entrance and competitive examinations should read the entire syllabus according to their respective disciplines.  It said that this guidance should be communicated to the school principals and appropriate guidance should be given.
 At the same time, no details have been released as to what percentage of subjects have been reduced as reported in the CBSE and ICSE syllabus
 When asked about this on the part of the school education officials, ‘Every part of the subject has not been completely deleted, only some of the unnecessary sections have been removed.  This will enable the students to learn about all the areas.  It is also advised to prepare general skin questions based on the reduced syllabus.

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