10th English Second Revision Answer key - 29-03-2022

10th English Second Revision Answer key - 29-03-2022

  • 10th English second Revision Original Question paper - March 2022
  • 10th English second Revision Answer key  - March 2022 ( Available soon)

Choose the appropriate synonym for the underlined words. 

1.Indian Navy's all-women crew was skippered by Lt. Commander Vartika Joshi.


(b) soldier

(c) to act as a captain

(d) master

Answer :(c) to act as a captain

2.The voyage was aimed to showcase Make in India' initiative

(a) plan

 (b) first move

 (c) energy

(d) zeal 

Answer : (c) energy

3. The floor was strewn with twigs and straw.

(a) trapped

(b) held

(c) scattered

(d) locked  

Answer ;(c) scattered

Choose the appropriate antonyms for the underlined words.

4. The spoilt child of affluent parents. 

(a) wealthy. 

(b) anxious

(c) Poor

(d) good

Answer :(c) Poor

5. The sun was soothing without much heat.

(a) pleasing. 

(b) relaxing 

(c) annoying 

(d) irritating

Answer :(b) relaxing 

6. The project was taken in consonance with the National Policy.

(a). agreement 

(b) harmony

(c) constant 

(d) disagreement

Answer :(d) disagreement

7. Choose the correct plural form of 'datum' from the following.

(a), datas 

(b) data 

(c) dati 

(d) datus 

Answer :(b) data 

8. Form a derivative by adding the right suffix to the word "appear

(a) -able 

(b) -ence 

(c) ible 

(d) -ance

Answer :(b) -ence 

Choose the correct expansion of the abbreviation "IIT" :

a) Indian Institute of Technology 

(b) Institute of Indian Technology 

(c) Indian Industry of Technology 

(d) Industry of Indian Technology 

Answer :(a) Indian Institute of Technology 

10. Complete the following sentence with the most appropriate phrasal verb given below. 

Walking helps to_______ the calories.

(a) put on 

(b) get through 

(c) burn out 

(d) burn off

Answer : (c) burn out 

11. Choose the suitable option to pair it with the word 'sea' to form a compound word:

(a) shine

 (b) shore 

(c) soar 

(d) pool 

(c) burn out 

Answer : (b) shore 

12. Fill in the blank with appropriate prepositional phrase given below. 

Failure is often the______ negligence.

(a) effect of 

b) consequence of 

c) reason of

(d) due to

Answer :b) consequence of 

13. Complete the following sentence using the most appropriate tense form of the verb given below.

She was reluctant_____the truth.

(a) to say

(b) say

(c) saying

(d) will say

Answer :(a) to say

14. Choose the most appropriate linker from the given four alternatives.

________he is ninety years old, he is in the pink of health.

(when, since, as, though)

Answer : since



Answer any three of the following questions in a sentence or two.

15. Where did the crew undergo their basic training?

The crew underwent their basic sail training courses in Mumbai at the Indian Naval Watermanship Training centre (INWTC), and at various schools in the southern naval base in Kochi.

16. What festival did they celebrate during their expedition ?

They celebrated Diwali during their expedition.

17. What did Aditya visit ?

 Aditya visited the local school where he had studied up to matriculation

18. What was the condition of the attic ?

The attic was in a dilapidated condition and a portion of the wall had crumbled down creating a window-hole


Read the following set of poetic lines and answer any three of the following.

19. Despite the sighs and groans and moans,

      She's strong in her faith, firm in her belief

(a) Is she complaining about the problems of life? 

No, she is not complaining about the problems of life. She is highly hopeful of change of adversities. 

(b) Pick out the words that show her grit:

strong, firm

20. She's today's woman. Today's woman dear.

      Love her, respect her, keep her near..

(a) Is the poet talking about the women of the previous generation ?

(b) How should a woman be treated ?

A woman should be treated with love, respect and dignity.

21.She puts her life at stake, She's real, she's not fake!

(a) What does the word 'stake' mean? 

(b) What sort of woman is she?

22. A woman is beauty innate, A symbol of power and strength.

(b) What does she symbolize ?

(a) Who is beauty innate according to the poet ?


Answer any three of the following.

23. Rewrite the following sentence in passive voice: Please assemble in the ground.

24. Change into indirect speech. 

The teacher said to the students, "We are going on an excursion to Kerala next week".

25. Punctuate the following sentence.

  • Certainly besides tea I have biscuits and savouries said Nagen. 
Answer : 

26. Transform the following sentence into a compound sentence.

  • Radha was ill. She was not hospitalised.
Answer : 

27. Rearrange the words in the correct order to make meaningful sentences.

(a) is a pollution / in / India / major issue.

(b) was alone / the / seagull / young / his / on / ledge.


Answer the following question.

28. A stranger wants to visit the Book shop. Write the steps to guide him to reach his destination.


Answer any two of the following in a paragraph.

29. Highlight the factors responsible for the all-women Indian Navy crew to carry out their expedition.



Women occupy almost all the major roles in society. Women’s achievements are remarkable in various fields. One of the achievements is the all-women Indian Navy who went round the world for 254 days all alone in a sailboat.

Navika Sagar Parikrama:

Navika Sagar Parikarma was a project, it was undertaken to empower women. It is initiated in the navy for Nari Sakthi. It depicts the Government of India’s thrust for women’s power. INSV stands for Indian Naval Ship Vessel. INSV Tarini is the second sailboat of the Indian Navy.

Sort of Training:

“Make in India”- sailing in INSV Tarini INSV Tarini has many special features. The boat had all facilities and encouraged eco-friendly resources. A crew of six army women was selected for a voyage. They were selected based on their skills. They started classroom courses. Later they were given hands-on training.

The time of the voyage:

The voyage aimed to showcase the “Make in India” initiative. The crew was skippered by It. Commander Vartika Joshi. The voyage started from Goa on 10 Sep. 2017. It returned to Goa on 21 May 2018 after 254 days. They faced unpredictable challenges during their expedition.


They overcome all these challenges and completed their expedition. This voyage proved empowerment. They showed that they can do anything.

Moral: Women are the real architects of society

30. Write in detail about the selection and training process which the crew underwent. 


Indian Navy’s all-women adventure sailing crew, which aimed at several record-making I achievements with an ambitious circumnavigation of the globe, was in the capital to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the top brass of the Navy, before it embarked on a voyage to circumnavigate earth.

The selection process was indeed not an easy one. In order to promote ocean sailing activities and to encourage women empowerment, the Indian Navy conceptualized this idea of the First Indian All Women Circumnavigation of the Globe. Out of the thirty women who had applied, six of them were shortlisted, based on the little survival skills they showcased. They were led by Lieutenant Commander Vartika Joshi.

These officers had done basic sail training courses at INWTC Mumbai followed by Navigation, Seamanship, Communication and Meteorology courses at various naval training schools at Kochi. After completion of theoretical courses, the officers sailed INSV Mhadei to Vizag for the International Fleet Review 2016 and thereafter to Mauritius and back.

Following that, they sailed the boat on a gruelling voyage to Cape Town in December. Lt. Commander Jamwal revealed that they were selected from different cadres and trained extensively for three-years where they learnt about navigation, communication, weather prediction and sailing.

The selected team was extensively mentored and trained by Dilip Donde, the first Indian to circumnavigate the globe from the Navy in the project ‘Sagar Parikrama’.Classroom courses were different from sailing outside.

So, they were given hands-on training, like, how to repair things and how to deal with emergencies, when the weather got rough. They underwent basic sail training courses in Mumbai at the Indian Naval Waterman ship Training Centre (INWTC), and at various schools in the southern naval base in Kochi.

They even sailed on INSV Mhadei to Mauritius (in 2016 and 2017) and back and also to Cape Town in December 2016. They were trained for almost three years to prepare for the voyage.

“Confidence comes from discipline and training.”

31. Man does change with time' - What were the various changes that came about in Aditya ?

Answer: :

Man does change with time. According to Sanyal, Aditya was a boy who could never compete him in scholastic or non-scholastic activities. He was a liar and an envious personality. But, years later Aditya no longer is the same personality. He is more matured and responsible. His childish nature makes him feel guilty for stealing the medal that belonged to Sanyal.

Aditya now wanted to restore Sanyal, his lost happiness. Knowing about his financial constraints, he decides to give him the cost of the silver medal. He drives with a firm determination to his ancestral house. When he reaches, he rushes to the attic. Aditya gets on top of a packing case and pushes his hand inside the ventilator, upsetting a sparrow’s nest. However, he heaves a sigh of relief when he gets what he had been looking for. He goes straight to the Jeweller to determine the current rate of the medal in the market.

All these surely show a remarkable change in him. Even when Sanyal behaves rudely, Aditya is courteous and friendly. His only intention is penitence. He is so mature that he even understands and justifies the grievances Sanyal had in his heart. When Sanyal prefers the medal, without second thoughts he restores it to Sanyal whole-heartedly.

“Change is universal.”

32. Give a brief character sketch of 'Sasanka Sanyal'. 

Answer : 


Sasanka Sanyal was the classmate of Aditya. Sanyal was â brilliánt student. In this lesson we can see various changes that came in the life of Sanyal.

About Sanyal:

Sanyal was an intellectual student. Aditya couldn’t beat Sanyal. One day Sanyal got a medal for reciting the poem ‘Panraksha” by Tagore. Aditya was jealous. He asked for the medal from Sanyal and he did not return it. After 29 years, Sanyal lost his wife and only son the year before and stayed in kabiraj’s house.

Narrator’s visit:

The narrator and Aditya visited Aditya’s village after 29 years. They went to Nagen uncle’s tea shop. They met Sasanka Sanyal there. Sanyal began to recite the poem by Tagore. Aditya realised that the man was Sanyal. He sold the medal and bought 150 rupees.

Sanyal’s present life:

Sanyal with nobody to take care stayed in Kabiraj’s house. Now, Aditya went to Kabiraj’s house and asked for Sanyal. He met Sanyal and handed over Rs. 150 and he pardoned. But Sanyal refused to accept it. He asked for the medal.


Answer any two of the following.

33. How are today's women portrayed in the poem ? 

34. What qualities have made women powerful ?

35. Read the following stanza and answer the questions given below.

She's a lioness; don't mess with her.

She'll not spare you if you're a prankster. 

Don't ever try to saw her pride, her self-respect. 

She knows how to thaw you, saw you-so beware!

(a) Pick out the rhyming words in the above lines. 

(b) Write the rhyme scheme of the given stanza.

(c) Identify the figure of speech employed in the first line of the given stanza. 

(d) Pick out the alliterating words in the last line of the given stanza.

36. Paraphrase the following stanza.

The summer of life she's ready to see in spring.

She says, "Spring will come again, my dear.

Let me care for the ones who're near". 

She's The Woman - She has no fear!

Answer : 


Answer any one of the following.

37. Rearrange the following sentences in coherent order. 

(i) Somu says we are sure to love zig-zag soothed Dr. Krishnan.

(ii) When it sings it moves the listeners to tears. 

(iii) Mrs. Krishnan didn't bother to hide her sarcasm.

(iv) The bird can talk and sing in about twenty-one different languages.

(v) The T.V. aerials in the neighbourhood, caused permanent damage to several cars in the parking lot.

38. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow. 

"No, My love," said Prospero, "you were a little angel that did preserve me.Your innocent smiles made me bear up against misfortunes! Our food lasted till we landed on this desert island, since when my chief delight has been teaching you, Miranda, and well have you profited by my instructions". "Heaven, thank you, my dear father," said Miranda. "Now tell me, sir, your reason for raising this sea storm ?" "Know then," said her father, "that by means of this storm, my enemies, the king of Naples, and my cruel brother are cast ashore. upon this island". Having so said, Prospero gently touched his daughter with his magic wand, and she fell fast asleep.

 Questions :

(1) What did Prospero say to his daughter ?

(2) How did Prospero withstand his misfortunes ? 

(3) How long did their food last?

(4) What did Miranda ask her father? 

(5) What did Prospero do to his daughter ?


Answer any four of the following:

39. Prepare an attractive advertisement using the hints given below. Mobile Galaxy Smart phones accessories SIM cards Recharge - Free power banks on Mobile purchase No. 1, Toll Gate Trichy. 

40. Write a complaint to the officer of the PWD department to take immediate action to maintain in the children's park in your locality.

 41. You are Ganesh/Gayathri Head boy/Head girl, of your school. Write a notice for your school board informing the students about the Fancy Fete' that is going to the organised in your school campus on the 10ᵗʰ of next month.

42. Look at the following picture and express your views on it in a paragraph of five sentences

43. Make notes or write a summary of the following passage.

India's employment landscape is undergoing a metamorphosis. Public sector bank jobs are once again emerging as coveted career options and simultaneously, evolving as one of the top recruiters of fresh graduates in the country with high social acceptance for these jobs and good pay scales, it is not without reason that there is a huge demand for them.

      Incidentally, over 60,000 new vacancies are advertised annually and several applicants vie for seats.

       The selection process is through competitive exams conducted by the Indian Banking Personnel Selection Board and the State Bank of India. These bank exams are not tough. They test quantitative reasoning and verbal abilities along with general awareness of the individual. 

44. Write about your favourite sport by starting your own blog.


45. Quote from memory:

The summer of life....

...........she in her faith and beliefs. 


46. Write a paragraph of about 150 words by developing the following hints. 

(a) Storms and tempests supernatural events casting of spells handsome prince - re-examine their relationships The tempest - mysterious island - love and reconciliation hatred and envy tribulent passions characters - like the storms - transformed promise of peace play ends.


(b) Zigzag's behaviour at Krishnan's home Dr. Krishnan had told them not willing to have zigzag- didn't speak a word - snored and snored - Dr. Krishnan to find a solution - Dr. Somu sent a reply bored and grumpy - transformed the noisy clinic an absolute treasure Mr. Krishnan paint peacefully - zigzag a great help..

47. (a) Read the following paragraph and answer the questions that follow. 

Compared to a motor bike or a car, the bicycle is a slow moving vehicle but its popularity has been on the increase in recent years. There are many reasons for this. First the bicycle is the cheapest mode of transport which does not require petrol or diesel as a car or motor bike does. In these days of fuel shortage this is a decided advantage. It is small, light weighted, convenient and draws its power from the rider. There are no parking problems. It takes one to the destination with more certainty than cars or large motor bikes which are often held up in traffic jams.

             It causes no noise, no smoke and it is eco-friendly as it produces no pollution. Finally riding a bicycle is a good exercise which reduces the blood sugar and tones up one's heart and muscles. As a result it makes one keep away from the doctor forever, 

Questions :

(i) What is the most important reason for the popularity of the bicycle ? 

(ii) How is a bicycle convenient to reach one's destination of travel ?

(iii) How does cycling keep us fit ?

(iv) Give one more reason for the popularity of the bicycle.. 


(b) Read the following poem and answer the questions given below.

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high.

Where the knowledge is free

When the world has not been broken-up into fragments 

By narrow domestic walls 

Where the words come out from the depth of truth

Where tireless striving stretches its arms to wards perfection

Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way

Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit

Where the mind is led forward by thee

Into ever widening thought and action

Into that heaven of freedom, my father, let my country awake

Questions :

(i). What does Tagore pray for ? 

ii) How should every word come from ? 

iii) What has lost its way? 

iv) Where is the mind led forward ?


1.வாசகர்களின் கருத்து சுதந்திரத்தை வரவேற்கின்றோம்.
2.இந்த வலைதளம் மாணவர்களுக்கானது என்பதால்,
3.தங்களின் மேலான கருத்துக்களை தவறாது பதிவிடவும்.
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